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Auto-Pilot Handlebar Bag

  • €7500

 Larger than the Co-Pilot, stiffer than the Point 'N' Shooter, cooler than the average Joe! Well, Joe was a cool cat, but he's not your Auto-Pilot. The use of this bag is simple yet effective. Consider it a dumping ground for all of your bike needs. Some pack mule ideas are listed below for your reading pleasure:

✔ Large Drinking Vessel ✔
✔ 20-ish Gel Energy Packs ✔
✔ Solar Optic Lenses with Frame ✔
✔ Plus Sized Mobile Cellular Telephone ✔
✔ Couple o' Food Storage Snack Bars ✔
✔ Semi-Functional Compact Tool Set ✔


Still questioning the Auto-Pilot's function? I'll demonstrate a real in the field application.

Summer is upon us and today is Saturday. You're ready for your big bike ride with the crew around town and into the hills for some "one on one" time with your old friend nature. You've got a Drafter Saddle Bag full of tools (you know, just in case), and unfortunately, your Co-Pilot is maxed out with a 3rd bottle. Well, fortunately, you thought ahead and went for that Co-Pilot, but where will you possibly store the extra food you may need during your travels? I can tell you that your thighs will appreciate it if you left your pockets empty. Your Burrito Bag is already stuffed with ride necessities from last week's voyage. I'm sure you can see where I'm taking this.

Imagine a new feed bag large enough to take control and give you the freedom needed to ride in pure comfort. The Auto-Pilot is your bag.


Additional Info:

Weight: 4.5oz

Dimensions: 8.5" - 7" Height x 3.75" Wide x 3.75" Deep


This bag is a quick and easy install on any bike/stem/handlebar combo. Simply determine which side of the bars you would like it on and mount the stem strap around the stem. You will find which strap is fit for the stem as it runs vertically and is permanently affixed to the bag near the pull cord. The other strap (which runs vertically and is totally removable) is meant for attaching the bag to the handlebar on either the right or left side. The third strap (which runs in a horizontal direction) is meant to strap the bar to the head tube. Creating the third mounting point and giving the bag zero sway or sag.


Made of 1000D Cordura backed with a 400D Heavy Rip Stop Nylon Liner and a re-enforced with a plastic stiffener.


While most colors are in stock and ready to ship, certain color variations are made to order and require a small lead time. Please call/email us to get an exact stock list for this product to we can insure a speedy delivery!

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