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Buoy Bag - Durable Dry Sack

  • €6000



The Buoy Bag! This bag was designed with the adventurer in mind. With that said, this durable/waterproof dry sack will aid you in more ways than you can imagine!


  • This bag was designed to work on any type of large "anything" cages. Attach your cages to the fork and the Buoy bag is now a set of micro panniers suitable for all types of riding."Rugged riding ahead? Bring it!"
  • Attach those large cages to the traditional bottle cage mounts and use these bags in the triangle of your frame. No space? No problem! Get creative and seek out hose clamps; They are a quick and simple way to mount large cages to open areas of your frame. 
  • On bike tour and need to wash some laundry? Fill one bag with your dirty clothes and 1/2 water + a few drops of soap and start scrubbing. Give your bag a good wash when you're done; stay forever clean on the trail! Take care of your bags and they'll take care of you!



Additional Info:

Weight: 4.5oz

Dimensions: 20" (unrolled) - 17" Tall x 6" Diameter

Volume: 7.75L


This bag is a quick and easy install on any large "manything" cage that you may find out there. Simply run at least one strap around the cage/bag and send that strap through the daisy chain on the front of the bag. For optimal performance load heavy/bulky items at the bottom of the bag and lighter/oblong items at the top. For best performance use 2x straps (one cinched near the base and one cinched near the top) and make sure they are tight as hell!


Made of 1000D Cordura backed with Seam Taped Rip Stop Nylon Liner - waterproof baby!

Mounting straps not included


While most colors are in stock and ready to ship, certain color variations are made to order and require a small lead time. Please call/email us to get an exact stock list for this product to we can insure a speedy delivery!

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