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Leg&Go Balance Bike 3in1

  • €29500

Transformable leg&go Balance Bike 3in1

This 3in1 bike is the foundation for a lasting friendship with leg&go. With no additional parts you can assamble your leg&go bike into Baby Bike, Bouncy Bike or Balance Bike. Moreover, you can choose add-ons for your bike to quick and easy change it into a Rocking Elephant, Downhill Bike, Tricycle or Pedal Bike. With its clever transformations, leg&go bike teaches your child to walk, balance and pedal in a safe and fun way! 

Baby Bike (ages 10 months - 2 years) is made for the little ones that have just learned how to stand: it is the perfect companion to encourage them to take their first steps and develop their sense of balance. Featuring an upside-down frame, this is the lowest variant of them all; suitable for the youngest riders, whose leg inside height measures as little as 25 cm.

Bouncy Bike (ages 2 - 3) is the perfect choice for bouncy, yet safe rides. The frame construction of this version provides increased natural suspension, turning the cruising into bouncy fun.

Balance Bike (ages 1.5 - 5) is the classic version of leg&go. It is particularly adaptable in size – adjust the angle of the front fork, height of the seat, distance between the seat and the handlebars depending on your child’s age to ensure comfortable and ergonomic riding.

Technical specifications of Balance Bike 3in1:
- Wheels: front 14”, rear 12” 
- Seat height: 25–47 cm 
- Bike length: 95.4–99 cm 
- Bike weight: 3.3 kg 
- Suitable for ages: 10 months to 5 years
- 2-year warranty

Leg&go bike is a friend that is always:

  • Caring: The unique wooden frame construction provides excellent natural suspension, absorbs vibration, and safeguards your child’s spine on bumpy terrain. In case of a fall, the wood partially absorbs the impact.
  • Mindful: The built-in steering limiter prevents sharp turning angles and a bigger front wheel gives more control.
  • Easy-going: The bike is lightweight – only 3.3 kg! By removing just one lobe knob, disassembles into a compact size for caring into a bag and taking along for travels!
  • Fun: When the little rider is ready to ride a bicycle, attach pedals to your Balance Bike (leg&go Pedal Bike add-on) and have fun first pedalling experience! Learning how to pedal with leg&go will be very fast and easy, since the bike is already familiar to the child (the size, weight he/she has used to balance) and all it takes is to develop the pedalling reflex.
  • Tough: It conquered 40 075 km (24 901 mi) in 312 days during a test ride around the world; a special “wonder machine” was created for the experiment, imitating bumpy roads and a rider weighing 30 kg.
  • Green-thinking: The bike is made from wood – a renewable natural resource. Due to its transformability, it not only saves the parents from purchasing 2 to 3 different bikes, but is also sustainable, minimising the impact of overconsumption on the environment.
  • Precious: With 30 years of experience in engineering, the designers of the leg&go bike have found the ideal balance between all the factors – bike size, weight, geometry (frame shape), width, and price.
  • Longlasting: It is made of Baltic Birch plywood. Unlike conventional plywood, it is free of voids at its core and its inner layers are thick and solid. The perfect frame thickness guarantees remarkable durability.
  • Trustful: tested in accordance with “European Standard EN 71-3 for Safety of toys”.

leg&go - everything a first bike should be!

Choose add-ons for your leg&go Balance Bike -> HERE!

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