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About Us

True passion for bikes is why we live!

Bike Provider is result of long hours and hard work being involved in cycling industry and has started it's roots in 2011. It has been ran by enthusiasts and professionals in this field and has grown from small retail store to the largest urban and lifestyle store in Netherlands with it's special range of products stocked. Our passion always been wide range of accessories and parts for customising bikes. While traveled the World and explored cycling to see what is this all about and where we can meet our demand we have ended up with our own distribution company together with brands we truly trust and work hand to hand to explore the horizon! 

Our headquarters/warehouse is based in Netherlands, Rotterdam and we are providing Third-Party Logistics (3PL) and Wholesale solutions for brands that are willing to be cost effective and flexible in fast changing business environment. We find our logistics and distribution model as a key for the future - we do it with heart and this special feeling that you are helping brands to bring the products to customers all around the World and have returning customers that are stocking goods that we strongly believe is all we are about.

We are carrying brands like: Road Runner Bags, Zulu Fixed, Polo And Bike, Bungi Bungi, Melon Helmets and many more.